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Central Elementary 5th Grade Promotion

Date:  June 2nd - Tuesday
Start time:  11:00am
Rotation:  11am to 1130am=Mr. Hatkevitch's room, 1130am to 12pm=Mrs. Hill's room, 12pm to 1230 pm=Miss Parente's room and 1230pm to 100pm=Mrs. Zangus' room
Procedure:  Parents, students and family in their vehicles will enter on 17th street and turn left onto the street behind the Middle School.  One vehicle per family. Volunteers will line up vehicles and send them to the area outside the cafeteria.  If parents want to walk, they will be lined up by our volunteers.  Teachers and volunteers will hand out certificates, gifts etc...  They will then pull up in front of the main entrance and have the opportunity for a photo.  They will continue on and exit on 15th Street, a police officer will be stationed here to direct the flow of traffic.  Areas will be blocked off, there will be one entrance and one exit.  
All social distancing guidelines will be followed.