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    Welcome to Big Beaver Falls Area School District Digital Academy 

    The Digital Program at Big Beaver Falls Area School District is an initiative that began in the 2005-2006 school year. It gives children a blend of home-based learning combined with rich opportunities to participate in high school activities. This Digital Program offers these opportunities for students in K-12 grade. We offer instruction in Math,Science, Social Studies, English, Business, World Languages, the Arts/Music, and Technology. Students are engaged by assignments that are supported by ebooks, projects, online presentations, and videos. The digital program utilizes curriculum from Edgenuity's online platform and is aligned with local, state, and national standards.



    Digital Academy Contacts

    Mr. Michael Kirschner

    (Digtial Coordinator)


    ext. 3229

    Mr. Nick Nardone


    ext. 3228 / 3271  

     Mr. Jacob Wickline


    ext. 3228