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    Digital Academy Curriculum Overiew


     To begin your online education, open you web browser and type the following web address
    exactly as shown: bbfasd0776.v2.gradpoint.com/. Once on the website enter your username.
    Your username will be your lastname followed by the first letter of your first name in all
    lowercase letters. (Example: John Smith =smithj). Your password will be the word "Tiger"
    with a capital T then the - symbol followed by your last name; capitalizing the first letter.
    (Example: Elizabeth Thomas = Tiger-Thomas).

    Upon entrance to the online program, you will be ablle to begin progressing through your online
    course(s) at a pace that you are comfortable with. However, a 15% minimum of each course
    must be completed for any giving 9-week grading period. To be successful, you should attempt
    to complete one assignment daily in each course, and it is highly recommended that your progress
    somewhat equally through each course. Although you may become highly focused on one
    course, please do not ignore the remaining courses on the schedule.

    In addition, please understand that attendance is a vital component to anyone's education, and
    there are attendance standards that must be met by law. Therefore, the Beaver Falls Digital
    Academy is required to document your online attendance, and you will be expected to adhere to the
    policies set forth by the school district. Students will be required to log into their accounts at total
    of five times a week between Monday and Sunday. If you log in less than five times in a week,
    a full-day school absense will be applied to your record for each failure to attend. For example,
    if you log-in three times in a week, you will receive two absenses. A chronic failure to comply
    with these rules will result in a truancy citation. Please note that five logins is the minimum
    though. Students are welcome to log in as often as necessary to be successful.