Online Education Guide

    Is learning online right for your student? Attitudes and lifestyles can play a big role in the success of online learners, so ask yourself some of these questions to find out if online learning could help your student thrive in his or her academic pursuits.

    • Is my son or daughter good at working independently?
    • Is he or she self-disciplined, motivated and organized?
    • Does my student have basic computer skills?
    • Can your student easily navigate between web pages and work with different browsers?
    • Does your student’s lifestyle require scheduling flexibility?
    • Will your student succeed with more one-on-one contact with his or her instructors?
    • Does your student work better without strict time constrictions or limitations?
    • Does your son or daughter want to be in control of his or her own learning?
    • Can your student stay on-task and follow through with what he or she starts?
    • Does your student have strong reading comprehension skills?
    • Will your student miss the social interaction of regular classroom time?
    • Does written communication come easily for your child?


    Your child’s learning style could also be a strong indicator of whether he or she will do well in an online learning environment. Students who learn well visually are often strong online students. In some projects or assignments, the students will need to read and understand the instructions on their own.

    Online learning also combines passive and active learning activities. Passive learning can come through reading texts, listening to audio clips and seeing graphics, while engaging in active learning as they communicate through writing, emailing or chatting online.

    For more information on the digital program at Big Beaver Falls Area School District, please contact your child's school.  Click here for contact information.