• Admission Requirements


    All students who are new or reentering the Big Beaver Falls Area School should register at the Big Beaver Falls Area School District Administrative Center at 1503 Eighth Avenue, Beaver Falls, PA 15010. For information, or to make an appointment for registration, please contact Jayme Dickson, District Registration/Access Secretary, at 724-843-3420 ext 1212. The registration office is open all year.

    Students who have been enrolled in another school district must bring with them an official transfer card or appropriate documents verifying previous academic assignment, proper immunizations, and legal date of birth. Any other official information that the previous school of enrollment has provided should also be furnished.

    To enroll in the first grade in the Big Beaver Falls Area School District, a child must be six years of age by August 30 and to enter kindergarten must be five years by August 30.

    In the Big Beaver Falls Area School District, special registration and screening dates for children entering kindergarten usually occur in April.  All registrations and screening appointments are conducted at Central Elementary.

    Students who are entering school for the first time must furnish a birth certificate and a list of immunizations the child has received. Pennsylvania State Law requires that no child can enter school without proper immunizations.

    State law presently requires all students entering school for the first time to have ALL SEVEN GROUPS of the following immunizations:

       1. Four doses of Tetanus and Diphtheria. The fourth dose must be given on or after the fourth birthday
       2. Three doses of Polio vaccine
       3. Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine
       4. Two doses of Measles vaccine
       5. One dose of Mumps vaccine
       6. One dose of Rubella vaccine
       7. One dose of varicella vaccine or written statement of having chicken pox